What oil should I used on the foam filter and where can I get it?

You want to use foam specific oil, UniFilter, Bel Ray, Maxima, Fab1, PJ1 and No Toil are examples of some of the brands. Foam filter oil is tacky, it stays in the foam filter element and helps trap dirt particles


Can I use motor oil?

Motor oil is not recommended as it will run down off the foam making a mess and not helping to trap dirt. It also could potentially cause your filter to burn up if the motor backfires thru the carb.


My foam filter is gone, where did it go?

If your bike backfires out of the carb it will burn up the foam filter element. There are some non-flammable foam filter oils that can help prevent this but the best solution is to fix the backfire issue. It is normally due to the engine running lean, check and/or replace intake seals, if it's still happening you will need to adjust your idle mix and/or jetting. I offer replacement foam filters, I always suggest grabbing an extra or two.


How often should I clean the foam filter?

I recommend cleaning the foam filter element every 1500 miles. If you ride on dirt roads often or in areas with a lot of dust you may want to do it more often.


Do I need a carb support bracket?

In most cases YES. If you are running a CV carb on an Evolution motor a bracket is needed to press the carb into the manifold. With S&S carbs a bracket supports the weight of the carb and keeps the manifold in one place so the seals between the intake manifold and each cylinder head do not leak.


Do I need a breather kit?

If you have a head breather Evolution engine you will need some sort of breather setup. I offer a kit but there are lots of options out there.


What is the black gunk on my polished air cleaner?!

If you ordered a polished air cleaner there is a chance there might be some polishing compound left on the part, it is black and can be cleaned off with a clean microfiber, be gentle.


Polishing tips

Polished aluminum will eventually oxidize and get hazy, keeping it clean and hand polishing often will help but sometimes you may need to go a bit further. If you have a pedestal buffer a spiral sewn cotton wheel or a cotton airway buff with green compound is my go to, this is what I use for finish polishing on all air cleaners. If you do not have a pedestal buffer don’t worry! You can still get a nice bright shine with some aluminum polish and elbow grease. I use white diamond and a clean, high quality microfiber. With hand polishing I use a back and forth motion opposed to a circular motion, if results are hazy just keep going, it can take a bit.