Horseshoe Battery Hold Down
Horseshoe Battery Hold Down
Horseshoe Battery Hold Down
Horseshoe Battery Hold Down
Horseshoe Battery Hold Down

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Horseshoe Battery Hold Down

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Say goodbye to the foam, wood, rubber or whatever else you have jammed into your oil tank to keep your battery from moving around. I have been running a crude version of these on my own bikes for years, after working through a few issues I'm finally offering them as a product. 

These are designed to work with YTX5L-BS batteries but will also work with the shorter YTX4L-BS with an included spacer, make sure to select the battery you plan on using when purchasing. These batteries are NOT recommended if you are running electric start, this setup is designed for kick only bikes.

Battery Dimensions

YTX5L-BS - 4.5" x 2.8" x 4.2"

YTX4L-BS - 4.5" x 2.8" x 3.5"

The side brackets drop into the slots on a standard Harley Davidson Knucklehead or Panhead battery tray designed for an OEM style horseshoe oil tank. They are designed to not drop all the way through, allowing you to easily install the battery and get the top bar on. The top bar holds down the battery and is tapped to mount the included 30 amp breaker. 


A note on battery trays...

I have tried these with a number of different battery trays, unfortunately the slots vary quite a bit, both location and width. I refined these as best I could to work with all battery trays but there may be cases where some tweaking may be needed. I put a dog leg into the side brackets for cases where the slots in the tray do not line up perfectly with the recesses in the oil tank. In my opinion the best battery tray to use is the OEM tray, part number 62575-36. If you can't find one of those V-Twin part numbers are 42-0867 (chrome) or 42-0877 (parkerized). Any other tray I have tried has had the slots slightly further back and the slots are usually a little sloppier.



-(2) stainless side brackets

-(1) stainless top bar

-(1) 30 amp automotive circuit breaker

-(2) #10-32 socket cap screws

-(2) 1/4-20 jam nuts

-(2) 1/4-20 nylock nuts

-(2) 1/4" washers