Tuna Can Air Cleaner
Tuna Can Air Cleaner
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Tuna Can Air Cleaner

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These air cleaners have a slightly (.050") domed cover. This not only gives a different aesthetic but it is also easier to keep a polished finish shiny! Flat surfaces show micro scratches much easier, curved or uneven polished surfaces can have micro scratches but still look nice and shiny from most angles.

Machined from 6061 aluminum these air cleaners measure 4” in diameter and 1.5” thick. To filter the air they use a high flow Uni Filter foam filter element. The cover attaches to the backing plate with a 1/4 turn lock mechanism (pat pending) that is machined into both backing plate and cover. A custom stainless steel spring provides the needed force to keep the cover locked in place and doubles as the outer cage for the filter. The only required hardware is the 3 screws to attach the backing plate to your carburetor.

Currently these are available for HD CV and S&S Super E/G carburetors. When you buy an air cleaner for a CV carburetor it will come with the S&S bolt pattern spot drilled on the inside and vice versa. I did this in case you decide to change your carb down the road or put the air cleaner on a different bike.

Available finishes are tumbled and polished.